environmental & tradeshow design

Multiple points of custom graphics in the Widowmaker Restaurant/Lounge at Sugarloaf. One challenge included dealing with a wall of windows that were usually covered in blankets to reduce noise leak when bands were playing; a solution was found in a vendor who was able to print on directly onto sound-proofing tiles.
Various on-mountain large-scale displays and advertising opportunities for Sugarloaf’s Mountainside Real Estate.
Design for Sugarloaf’s presence at the Boston Ski Show. 10’ panels covered in custom-printed fabric in 2014 and 2015 (shown here); 2016 and 2017 featured floor-to-ceiling banners printed on vinyl. Also pictured is the infamous “Dangler” — a six-foot 3D logo built on a lightweight frame, designed to be seen from across the show floor for maximum impact and draw. Design responsibilities also included  printed materials and customer takeaways.
Custom vehicle wraps for touring author Jeff Ryan’s van.
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